Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Outside

As the winter draws in, you will want to make your home as bright and cheerful looking as possible to reflect the sparkly festivities that Christmas brings with it. It is possible to DIY Christmas Decorations that will make your home dazzling. Plenty of fairy lights and brightly colored ornaments will help to transform your yard and porch into cozy nooks to welcome guests. So take inspiration from these Awesome Outdoor Christmas Decorations for the season of being merry.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

1. DIY Giant Lollipop

DIY Giant Lollipop
These pool noodle lollipops are super easy and inexpensive to make. Purchase Pool Noodles in festive colors like red or green and use White Masking Tape to wrap around them and look like peppermint.
Instructions DIY Giant Lollipop

2. Plastic Cup Snowman

Plastic Cup Snowman
This is a really inexpensive and easy outdoor snowman decoration to make – simply staple approx 300 Plastic Cups together and add decorations. Once assembled you can add lights and set outside to add some cheer to your porch.
Instructions Plastic Cup Snowman

3. DIY North Pole Sign

DIY North Pole Sign
Bring some magic to the yard for the kids with this awesome north pole sign. You’ll need a PVC pipe that’s 2.5cm in diameter and a plastic globe which you can find in any lighting store. Red masking tape creates the stripes and you could even add fairy lights for extra enchantment.
Instructions DIY North Pole Sign

Christmas Party Game

4. Giant Fake Cupcake

Giant Fake Cupcake
Perfect for a Candyland Theme, these decorative cupcakes would also work great for birthday parties as well as baby or bridal showers. Begin with a decorative plant pot and fill with a weight like small rocks. Then spray with expanding foam for the texture of frosting and add a red bauble for the cherry.
Instructions Giant Fake Cupcake

5. DIY Nutcracker Soldiers

DIY Nutcracker Soldiers
Make these life size Nutcracker Soldiers for approx $50. You’ll need spray paint for plastic in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Skin Tone. Other supplies include a plastic flower pot as well as pvc pipes and gal buckets.
Instructions DIY Nutcracker Soldiers

6. DIY Candy Cane Solar Light

DIY Candy Cane Solar Light
Light the way with these solar candy canes. With a pvc pipe, some red tape and a solar powered light.
Instructions DIY Candy Cane Solar Light

7. DIY Giant Silver Bells

 DIY Giant Silver Bells
Make these joyous bells from plastic planters and silver spray paint.
source youtube

8. DIY Santa Mailbox

DIY Santa Mailbox
Make sure Santa gets all your kids letters by making this awesome mailbox. Use ornate L brackets to create a vintage look and get as creative as you want with embellishments.
Instructions DIY Santa Mailbox

9. Santa’s Magic Key

Santa's Magic Key
This is a great idea if you don’t have a chimney – maybe you are living in an apartment for example. So if your child asks “How will Santa get inside?” – you can make one of these with a decoration “magic” key and leave it outside your front door for Santa.
Instructions Santa’s Magic Key

10. Wooden Snowmen

Wooden Snowmen
If you have scrap bits of wood such as old fence posts then this idea is perfect and can be reused every year.
source laforce

11. Christmas Window

Christmas Window
How awesome would this look outside your door. Upcycle an old window pane and decorate in a festive style. It can also be switched out for the different seasons and holidays.

12. Giant Lollipops

Giant Lollipops
Red rubber balls form the basis of this festive idea.  You’ll also need pvc pipe, cellophane wrap and ribbon. Wrap ball with cellophane wrap, rest on pipe and tie ribbon.You can make them in different colors – whatever goes with your theme. They would also make adorable decorations for a baby’s nursery.

13. DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments

DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments
These ornaments will really brighten your home and they are so simple to make. Use large rubber balls in different colors and glue on a tin bucket!
Instructions DIY Giant Christmas Ornaments

14. Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets

Chalk Pen Galvanized Buckets
Light the way for Santa with these rustic looking buckets. Use garland and fairy lights for the inside of each bucket and Paint the letters J, O, and Y on each.
source findinghomefarms

15. Pallet Christmas Tree

Turn a pallet tree into a Christmas tree for the outdoors with a saw and some green paint.

16. Mickey Mouse Wreath

17. DIY Christmas Hanging Basket

DIY Christmas Hanging Basket
Add some festive charm to your porch with this hanging basket.
Instructions  DIY Christmas Hanging Basket

18. Pinecone Wreath

Pinecone Wreath

19. Outdoor Christmas Chandelier

Outdoor Christmas chandelier
You’ll need 2 metal wire hanging baskets, floral wire and a string of 100 Christmas lights to make these pretty festive light globes.
Instructions  Outdoor Christmas Chandelier

20. Winter Floral Arrangement

Winter Floral Arrangement

21. Giant Cupcakes

Giant Cupcakes

22. Candy Land Theme

Candy Land Theme

23. Giant Baubles

Giant Baubles

Printable Christmas Game

24. Outdoor Wreath

Outdoor Wreath

25. Giant Candy Canes

Giant Candy Canes

26. Giant Wreath

Giant Wreath

27. Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath

28. Christmas Gnome

Christmas Gnome
These DIY Tree Gnomes are a fun way to decorate the front porch for Christmas! You only need a few supplies such as a Mini Tree and boots and a cute scarf to make the hat from. They would look great at any time of the year – just change the hat to the season.
Instructions Christmas Gnome

29. Merry Grinchmas

Merry Grinchmas
Instructions Merry Grinchmas

30. Tomato Cage Trees

Tomato Cage Trees
This is a great back for your festive decor. Simply invert tomato cages and wrap them with lights to make adorable trees for your porch or yard.

31. Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men
Make these out of some wood sheets, then paint. So fun for Christmas decorations!
Instructions Gingerbread Men

32. Sucker Lollipop Bowls

sucker lollipop bowls

33. Grinch Door

Grinch Door

34. Candy Cane Christmas Tree

candy cane Christmas tree
To make this idea screw old candy cane stakes together and then glue dollar store fake light bulbs in the holes.

35. Upcycled Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house out of an old playhouse
If the kids have outgrown their old playhouse – then this is a great way to upcycle it for Christmas.

36. Bike Wheel Snowmen

Bike Wheel Snowmen
Use old bike wheels & spraypaint them white (or bronze or black lol) & them strong lights around the wheels & hang snowman from a fence or porch railing.

37. Antique sled decorated for Christmas

Antique sled decorated for Christmas

38. Gnome Boards

Gnome Boards

39. Outdoor Train

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
source pinterest

40. Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

Outdoor Christmas Decorations
Outdoor Christmas Decorations


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