DIY Spring Crafts for Kids to Make

Since we have to wait for April showers to bring May flowers – why not get started with Spring Crafts to keep little fingers occupied.

1. Kinder Surprise Egg Bees

Kinder Surprise Egg Bees

2. Fork Print Tulips

Fork Print Tulips

3. Blossoming Tree

Blossoming Tree

4. Paper Caterpillars

Paper Caterpillars

5. Paper Plate Birds Nest

Paper Plate Birds Nest

6. Paper Narcissus

Paper Narcissus

7. Paper Daisies

Paper Daisies

8. Chickens


9. Plastic Cup Bunnies

Plastic Cup Bunnies

10. Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon Flowers

11. Handprint Rain

Handprint Rain

12. Handprint Balloon

13. You are my Sunshine

You are my Sunshine

14. Handprint Sunflower

Handprint Sunflower

15. Grand Babe Bees

Grand Babe Bees

16. April Showers

April Showers

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