DIY Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

Easter crafts for kids are great fun to do from the minute Spring graces our door. Help them celebrate new life by making cotton wool bunnies or creating a chicken out of their hand prints. Use cardboard tubes to make prints of bunnies and also turn cardboard boxes into bunnies. You can also turn them into cards to send to relatives or make them into gifts for additional favors for your party. Here are some of the best Easter ideas for you and the family to enjoy making together.

Easter Crafts for Kids

1. Tin Can Bunnies

Easter Crafts for Kids
Recycle Tin Cans to make these adorable Bunnies. Wrap them in different colored construction paper, and cut the ears from the same paper. You can then have your child paint the polka dots. Cut out features such as teeth, eyes and whiskers and glue on.
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2. Some Bunny Loves You

Some Bunny Loves You
Turn your little one’s foot print into a super cute bunny. Pop some pink paint on their and then print it onto paper. You can add the details such as the ears after. Then write the message “Some Bunny Loves You”. Cut into an oval shape so it looks like an egg. This would make a great greeting card for grandparents.

3. Bunny Print

Bunny Print
Another idea for cardboard tubes is to make them into a bunny shape and let your child print their own bunny pattern onto paper.
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Easter​ Crafts

We’re including this video by Little Crafties to show you how they made their Easter​ Crafts.

4. Yarn Chicks

Yarn Chicks
Ideal for an Easter sewing project, this will really keep the kids engaged. You’ll need Colorful Paper Plates as well as Yellow Yarn and Orange and Yellow Felt and Black Buttons
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5. Carrots

Turn their finger prints into carrots by allowing them to dip their fingers into orange paint.
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6. Easter Card

Easter Card
Help them to make Easter cards featuring Spring critters such as chickens.
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7. Footprint Bunny

Footprint Bunny
Crafty foot print ideas are always popular and this Easter version is as creative as it gets. Paint pink onto their feet and print onto paper. Attach the footprints to a paper plate to make the bunny ears and add googly eyes and whiskers.


8. He is Risen Paper Plate Art

He is Risen Paper Plate Art
To recreate this idea, allow your child to paint the paper plate. Trace their hand onto craft paper and cut out. Cut cross shapes from black card stock glue them and the hand print to the front paper plate. Write the words “He is Risen” with a sharpie marker.


9. Footprint Bunny Art

Footprint Bunny Art
To recreate this idea. pop some gray paint on their foot and print onto paper. Then you can add features such as grass and ears.

10. Paper Tube Bunnies

Paper Tube Bunnies
Save up those empty toilet paper tubes to make these adorable bunnies. Wrap them in polka dot paper and add googly eyes and foam feet.
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11. Handprint Chick

Handprint Chick
Handprint art is a great way to cherish the size of your little ones hands forever – and this spring idea is perfect as it turns them into a little chicken.

12. Painting With Eggs

Painting With Eggs
Use eggs as your medium by filling them with paint and throwing them at the canvas! It’s a lot of fun for the whole family and makes a great activity to do after Easter lunch.
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13. Bunny Plates

Bunny Plates

14. Jesus Loves me This Much

Jesus Loves me This Much
Easter bunny handprint crafts
Easter bunny hand print ceramic tile trivet.So cute, and special for a grandparent gift!
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Easter bunny handprint crafts
Turn their hand prints into adorable bunnies. It’s also a great project for friends and cousins alike. Put white paint on your child’s hand and make sure their fingers are spread apart before printing it onto the paper to form the bunny ears! Add details such as eyes, and pink paint for the ears, and put cute ribbons on each bunny.
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Easter foot print crafts
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Easter Crafts for Kids
Rabbit made from cardboard, very clever – you could also use this for decor too.
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Easter Crafts for Kids
Turn mason jars into bunnies to give as gifts or favors for Easter.
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Easter Crafts for Kids
This is a really cute milk lid chicks and bunnies craft for kids.
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Easter Crafts for Kids
Help them to make a fun Easter card by cutting out an egg shape and letting them decorate it.
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Easter Crafts for Kids
Use a styrofoam egg to make this hoppingly cute bunny.
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Easter Crafts for Kids
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Easter Crafts for Kids
Make this cute Foam Cup Bunny with googly eyes, a cup and craft paper.
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Easter bunny craft with hand prints and foot prints! So cute!
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