DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you would rather save than splurge on your big day then we have some great ideas for your budget. It needn’t cost the earth to take your nuptials with these dollar store wedding ideas which will help you to save a fortune. So if your resources are limited and your love is unlimited then take inspiration from these inexpensive wedding ideas.

Dollar Store Wedding Ideas

1. Floral Ring Backdrop

Floral Ring Backdrop
It’s hard to believe that this beautiful idea only costs about $11 to make. You’ll need a Tomato Cage to extract three rings from , some Copper Spray Paint , Copper Wire and some Faux Flowers. This will look stunning in your pictures and would also work great for a bridal shower too.
Instructions Floral Ring Backdrop

2. Tablecloth Backdrop

Tablecloth Backdrop
Dollar store plastic tablecloths make for a great photo booth backdrop and you can choose the colors that suit your wedding.

3. Mirrored Seating Chart

Mirrored Seating Chart
You’ll need Square Mirrors, Faux Eucalyptus a White Paint Marker and MDF to make this dazzling seating chart and because it’s mirrored, if you make a mistake it’s super easy to erase the paint markers.
source youtube

3. Refreshment Buckets

Refreshment Buckets

You can find many containers cheaply and with a coat of silver spray paint they can easily be turned into Refreshment Buckets. This is especially nice for a garden wedding.
Printable Bridal Shower Game

4. Floral Crate Idea

Floral Crate Idea
This would look great at the altar. Purchase several Wooden Crates and arrange in the style the picture shows. Add flowers at each level.

5. Bubble Favors

Bubble Favors
Don’t spend a fortune on favors when you can purchase Bubbles, add Roses on top and guests can then blow bubbles which will look wonderful in photographs of the day.

6. Floral Centerpieces

Floral Centerpieces
Making centerpieces on a budget is easier than you think. Purchase candle sticks and spray paint in the color of your choice. Using a foam ball insert faux roses and stick this to your candle sticks. Make as many of these as you need and they will look great on tables.

7. Floral Lanterns

Floral Lanterns
Add a romantic look to tables with White Lanterns and Red Paper Roses and illuminate with a Battery Operated Tea Light

8. Gold Striped Vases

Gold Striped Vases
Give vases an elegant makeover with graphic gold stripes. You can use duct tape to tape the areas you want to leave clear. Then use gold or copper spray paint. Once dry remove your tape to reveal the pattern.

9. I Do Glasses

I Do Glasses
Toast your special day in your own personal glasses that say ‘I do’.

10. Vintage Centerpieces

DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decoration Ideas
Paint glass milk bottles white to create pretty looking vintage vases which can then be filled with delicate roses and baby’s breath.

11. Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations
Make these vintage invitations with Gold Doilies and Pink Ribbon

12. White Vases

White Vases
To make these elegant vases, purchase glass vases and candlestick holders from the dollar store. Add glue and epsom salt on the candle holders to give texture. They would be perfect for a winter wedding.

13. Wine Glass Cloche

Wine Glass Cloche
Turn a wine glass upside down and place a flower underneath and a candle on top to recreate this idea.

14. Reycycled Wood Photo Board

Reycycled Wood Photo Board
A great talking point is to make a photo board which can easily be made from reclaimed wood or pallets. Simply pick out photos that show the couples journey and then use string and pegs to affix them to the board.

15. Crayon Favors

Crayon Favors
If there are going to be a lot of kids at the wedding, then help parents by making up these cute Crayon Favors.

16. Dollar Store Wedding Buckets

Transform Tubs with Silver Spray Paint to store refreshments in.

17. Rustic Wedding Sign

Rustic Wedding Sign
Turn a Garden Fork into a lovely rustic sign with a Wooden Plank and white paint. You could also place some Watering Cans with flowers around it to make it even prettier.

18. Marshmallow Toasting Station

Marshmallow Toasting Station
For an interactive idea for guests, set up a marshmallow toasting station. This is a great way to get people mixing and talking.

19. Blankets

For an outdoor wedding it’s a good idea to provide Blankets for your guests in case it gets chilly.

20. Hot Chocolate Station

Hot Chocolate Station
For a winter wedding, you can set up a hot chocolate bar for guests to keep warm.

21. Rustic Tea Light Vases

Rustic Tea Light Vases
If you have a lot of jars lying around, you can make these into pretty luminaries to light your event.

22. Floral Vases

Floral Vases
Make floral vases to highlight table numbers so guests know exactly where they are sitting.

23. Chocolate Coin Wedding Favor

DIY Dollar Store Wedding Decoration Ideas
Purchase Chocolate Coins and place on card stock with the message ‘For Richer or Poorer’.

24. Garland Centerpiece

Garland Centerpiece
A Garland makes for a very impressive table runner at your big occasion. You can also add Lanterns as you so choose.

25. Pallet Photo Board

Pallet Photo Board
Pallet boards are easy to come by and are great for making decorative features for your wedding. Add photos of the bride and groom throughout their relationship and set the scene by adding fairy lights.

26. Floral Bauble

Floral Bauble
Purchase many Clear Baubles in your local dollar store and fill each with a dainty flower such as baby’s breath. These can be hung on chairs or dotted around the place to decorate in a very cost effective way.

27. Cupcake Stand

Cupcake Stand
Make these pretty cupcake stands with plastic plates,candle holders and some glue.

28. Diamante Vases

Diamante Vases- Dollar Store Wedding Ideas
Make elegant vases by spray painting clear vases with metallic paint. Once dry you can add bling wrap around the bottom.

29. Blingy Centerpiece

Blingy Centerpiece
You’ll need some tall cylinder vases, diamond wrap ribbon, silk flowers and a square mirror which is adorned with the diamond wrap ribbon using a glue gun. Inside the vases you can place Frosted Glass Gems with LED Lights to illuminate the project.

Printable Bridal Shower Games

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