DIY Dollar Store Easter Decorations Ideas

If you love holidays, then you are sure to rejoice in the Spring season. Getting your house ready needn’t cost a lot of money – take influence from these Dollar Store Easter Decorations that you can easily make yourself with just a quick trip to the store and some creativity. You can get the whole family involved and then treasure the decorations for years to come. It’s so important to plane your Spring decor to include thoughtful pieces that can be incorporated for Easter such as bunny and chicks for example.

Every bunny will love coming to your house to see your display and perhaps take some inspiration from your creative flair. They will see you have an eye for turning budget items into beautiful Spring and Easter decorations for the home.

Dollar Store Easter Decor

1. Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Dollar Tree Easter Wreath
This bright pink wreath will brighten up any door, Glue on many plastic eggs with Easter grass to a wreath shape to recreate this idea. Finish with a cute bow around the bunny head.

2. Bunny Butt Planter

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Make this adorable Bunny Butt Planter by purchasing an oval shaped planter. You can make the bunny butt with a Large fluffy pom pom ball and a Small pom pom for the tail. To create the bunny feet, cut some white felt in an oval shape. Then you’ll need to cut a few small circles from pink felt to create the bunny paw. Hot glue all your pieces together to resemble the bunny but in the picture. Next you’ll place some floral foam inside your oval planter to make your arrangement. You can add faux flowers, faux moss and jute carrots.
instructions bunny planter

3. Dollar Store Tiered Tray

 Dollar Store Easter Decorations
This 3 tiered tray was made by Sara Butler with dollar store cookie sheet, brownie pan and loaf pan. She used glass candlesticks in the middle.
source pinterest

Dollar Store Easter Decor

We have included this tutorial from Bargain Bethany. It’s full of great ideas for dollar store decor.


4. Easter bunny sign

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
This adorable Easter bunny sign is made with a dollar tree pizza pan. You can paint it white and then hot glue on decorations such as a bunny and jute carrots. Inside the rim a piece of rope is hot glued and a burlap ribbon adorns the top.
source pinterest

5. Polka Dot Tiered Tray

Polka Dot Tiered Tray
Take two differently sized square plates, a bowl and two candlesticks to make this charming piece. It can be used to display festive Easter cupcakes on the day.

6.Dollar Store Easter Centerpieces

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
These Dollar store Easter centerpieces cost approximately $30 to make all 5 of them!
source pinterest

7. Easter Egg Lights

Easter Egg Lights
Transform fairy lights by putting Easter eggs over them to make this simple but clever decoration.
instructions Easter Egg Lights

8. Easter Centerpiece

Easter Centerpiece
Purchase Glitter Egg Picks and place them in little pots to make this lovely centerpiece.

9.Bunny Plate

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
To replicate this, purchase a plate and hot glue a bunny silhouette onto this. Then you can hot glue white yarn around the outside of the bunny.
source pinterest

10. Deco Mesh Centerpiece

Deco Mesh Centerpiece
Make a colorful deco mesh centerpiece to include on your Easter tablescape. Add some bunny pics and faux flowers to make it even more festive.

11. Deco Mesh Easter Wreath

Deco Mesh Easter Wreath #dollarstore
Make an Easter centerpiece using deco mesh. Decorate it with glitter egg picks and a bunny.

12. Easter Table Center Piece

dollar store easter decor
Dollar Store Vases, Candle Holders Filled With Plastic Eggs and Grass…What A Super Easter Decoration to Move To the Table At Lunch Time…Great Look For A Low Cost!!
source pinterest

13. Pastel Blue Tray

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Invert a dollar tree wineglass and hot glue a blue plate on top to create this clever idea.

14. Tulip Door Decor

Tulip Door Decor
These pastel colored tulips are perfect to add vibrancy to your door all through Spring and even into Summer.

15. Dollar Tree Fish Bowl Bunny

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Make a Fishbowl Bunny to decorate your home all through spring. It would also make an adorable centerpiece for a baby shower. You’ll need  a Medium and Small Fish Bowl as well as some white feather boa for the ears. Paint the insides of your bowls white and allow to dry. You can hot glue the bowls together and add some trim around the center. Add your facial features and then hot glue the ears.
source pinterest

16. Pool Noodle Wreath

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Easter wreath made with dollar store noodle, flowers, eggs, and eater grass. Under $10!
source pinterest

17. Easter Vase

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
This vibrant Easter centerpiece is made by filling a large vase with pink Easter grass and plastic eggs. You can then arrange flowers into this.
source pinterest

18. Easter Tubs

Easter Tubs
Not only do these make great Easter gift baskets for kids, they will also look great on dessert tables too.

19. Rabbit Ears on Canldesticks

Rabbit Ears on Canldesticks
Rabbit Ears on Canldesticks make for adorable and festive decorations.

20. Carrot Wreath

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
A dollar Tree sign is deconstructed for the bunny in this wreath which is constructed from roughly 50 carrots on a green styrofoam wreath from dollar tree. Carrots are also from Dollar Tree.
source pinterest

21. Clothespin Wreath

Dollar Store Clothespin Easter wreath
Make this colorful wreath using Clothespins from the Dollar Store.
source pinterest

22. Glow Eggs

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Glow Eggs would be perfect to light up a lantern or your drive for Easter and they are also great or a Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt! Put Battery operated votive candles which are sold at Dollar Store inside plastic eggs.
source pinterest

23. Easter Egg Wreath

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Transform plastic eggs into a really fun wreath for your front door complete with a festive bunny.

Dollar Store Easter Decorations
Dollar store eggs look beautiful on lighted sticks!
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