DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas are ideal for those with minimal space and funds since finding a tree that works can be difficult. However you can transform your home with alternative ideas such as DIY Christmas Pallet Trees which are easy on your purse and super fun to make. Making pallet trees is also great for the environment because it’s making use of scrap wood that would otherwise be thrown out.

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Minimalist

To recreate this idea, give the boards a white wash to achieve a clean and pure effect. You can then decorate the tree by hanging the items or by fixing little shelves on it. Finish by adding a train set around it.

2. Rustic Pallet Tree

Rustic Pallet Tree
This pallet tree can be redecorated for different seasons as it features small shelves to display ornaments and candles. The candles add a cozy glow to the space.

3. Red Pallet Tree

Red Pallet Tree
Add a pop of color to your interior with this bold red pallet tree.

4. Rustic Christmas Tree

Rustic Christmas Tree
This tree adds a touch of elegance by keeping to one color for the decor almost like a winter wonderland.

Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

We have included this video tutorial from The Whimsical Wife to show you their version of DIY Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas.

5. Pallet Tree Instructions

Pallet Tree Instructions
Transforming a pallet into a tree is so simple with a saw. Paint it green and add a string of lights to enhance it’s beauty.

6. Tree Set

Tree Set
Spruce up your yard for the festive season by making a forest pallet trees in different sizes.

7. Christmas Tree Pallet

Christmas Tree Pallet
Turn an old shipping pallet into a beautiful decoration by using red and green baubles to make the shape of a tree. Add a string of fairy lights for a pretty glow.

8. Green Pallet Christmas Tree

Green Pallet Christmas Tree

9. Colorful Pallet Christmas Tree

Colorful Pallet Christmas Tree
Get creative by painting each of the boards different colors and adding winter scenes such as Santa on his sleigh. You could also make some cute DIY Tree Gnomes to go with the scene.

10. White Pallet Christmas Tree

White Pallet Christmas Tree
A plain white tree with a matching sleigh makes the perfect decoration for your yard or home.

11. Christmas Pallet Idea

Christmas Pallet Idea
Write a Christmas message on the tree such as “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” to greet visitors.

12. Graphic Pallet Trees

Graphic Pallet Trees
Play with shape by creating different angles for the slats of your pallet tree.

13. Pure White

Pure White

14. Stained Pallet Tree

Stained Pallet Tree

15. Ornament Pallet Tree

Ornament Pallet Tree

16. Recycled Pallet Christmas Tree

Recycled Pallet Christmas Tree
The recycled Pallet Christmas Tree above plays with shape by splaying out the boards.

17. Hearts & Animals

Hearts & Animals

18. Warm Glow

Warm Glow

Pallet Christmas Tree
Perfect wood Christmas tree, recycled pallets in a touch of color.

Pallet Christmas Tree
Pallet Christmas trees by Lydia Jones.

Printable Christmas Game

See the Printable on Etsy

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