DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas from Kids

Even though we should show her how much we care as often as possible – it is great that there is an allocated day just to celebrate your mother. Sometimes you want to give your mom something more original than flowers for a special present. So read on for these very original Mothers Day Gifts that will help to brighten her day.

Mothers Day Gifts from Kids

DIY Plate for Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts from Kids
Get the kids to make this adorable plate with their hand prints.
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2. Sunflowers

Fill a box full of yellow items to make mom happy.

3. A Box of Sunshine

A Box of Sunshine
Give mom a ray of sunshine with this clever idea.

4. Box of Sunshine

Box of Sunshine

5. Everything Yellow

Everything Yellow


6. Sunshine in a Bucket

Sunshine in a Bucket

7. Tickled Pink Hamper

Tickled Pink Hamper

8. Mom Cake

Mom Cake
Purchase a set of Pink Towels to make mom this fabulous toiletry cake containing all the items she needs to have a pamper session. Place the letters M,O,M on the base layer.

9. Care Kit

Care Kit

10. Mother


11. Grandkids Peg Dolls

Grandkids Peg Dolls
Wood Pegs are painted to represent each grand kid and framed in a Shadow Box to create this special gift.

12. You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine


13. Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue

14. Orange


15. Mother’s Day Prezzie Cake

Mother's Day Prezzie Cake

16. Sweet feet

Sweet feet
This is a great Mothers Day gift idea for small children and will serve as a lovely memory when they are grown. Sweet feet on a new planter for Mother’s Day and you could tuck a gift card inside with some seeds and other items.

17. Momma & baby bear

Momma & baby bear
Make this super cute Momma & baby bear using footprints & fingerprints. It can be printed on a range of things such as tea towels, napkins and blankets.

18. Handprint Pot Holder

Handprint Pot Holder
Make these pot holders with fabric paint and a paint brush to spread and make the hand print more visible.

19. Handprint Oven Mitt

Handprint Oven Mitt
You can purchase oven mitt’s at the dollar store and print your childrenā€™s hand prints onto them to make these adorable helping hands.

20. Jar of Treats

dollar store mothers day gifts
A few items from the Dollar Tree stuffed in jars (also from the dollar store) to make simple, cheap gifts. I made these for my sisters on Mother’s Day šŸ™‚ and they loved it!
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21. Spa Gift Basket

DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas
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22. Thumbprint

Mothers Day Gifts from Kids

23. Basket of Goodies

Basket of Goodies
Buy Canvas
Mothers Day Gifts from Kids
Cute Mother’s Day gift from kiddos with small hands and feet! You can use a permanent marker for the black text, and red washable paint.
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