Awesome DIY Halloween Hacks for Kids

Simplify Halloween decor and party food with these Halloween Hacks. You needn’t spend a ton of money or waste a heap of time when these ideas get the same job down quickly. You will be the envy of the neighborhood with outdoor skeletons, haunted pallet walls and floating witches hats.

1. Glowing Halloween Lanterns

Glowing Halloween Lanterns
This is a really quick and easy Halloween craft. Use several different colored plastic cups and draw faces on each using a marker. Use battery operated tea lights to illuminate them/
source thriftymommaramblings

2. Haunted Pallet Wall

Haunted Pallet Wall
What a clever way to upcycle a pallet. Place an old pallet on top of some bricks and use red spray paint to write ‘beware’. Pop a skeleton behind the wall and add other spooky items to complete this wall of horror.

3. Floating Witches Hats

Floating Witches Hats
This makes an ingenious decor idea for your fright night dinner party. Use string to hang witches hats from a chandelier or light fixture and adorn the rest of the room with other spooky items like spider webs and lanterns.

4. Lit Skeleton

Lit Skeleton
Use battery operated tea lights behind a skeleton’s eyes to give his eyes a haunted look.

Halloween Hacks

We have included this video tutorial from 5-Minute Crafts to show you some more ideas.

5. Dollar Store Door Decor

Dollar Store Door Decor
Decorating needn’t cost a fortune, pop down to your local dollar store and purchase plastic pumpkins to cover your door for trick or treaters. For a really impressive effect you could add batter tea lights or led lights into the pumpkins so they glow in the evening.
source facebook

6. Dexter Party

Dexter Party

7. Outdoor Skeleton Decor

Outdoor Skeleton Decor
Have fun dressing a skeleton in witches attire and complete the look with a beaten black umbrella.

8. Hand Treat Bag

Hand Treat Bag
Not only do these look great for decor but they double up as halloween party food favors. You’ll need surgical gloves and treats to make this spooktacular idea. Finish with a festive colored bow to secure the top of the glove.
source queenscardcastle

9. Vampire Donuts

Vampire Donuts
Make these creepy donuts for your guests and bewitch even the meanest of monsters.
source sixsistersstuff

10. Bloody Candle

Bloody Candle
Create a spooky candle by pouring red wax onto a white pillar candle.
source youtube

11. Meatloaf Mummy

Meatloaf Mummy
source joandsue

12. Halloween Party

Halloween Party
For the ultimate Halloween party – decorate with as many red fairy lights as you can and add spider webs and bats for a truly spectacular hall.

13. Elmers Glue Fingers

Elmers Glue Finger
To make these creepy fingers you’ll need to put pva glue on your fingers – about four coats per. Coat with talcum powder and pull off. You can stuff them with dryer lint and then paint with wood stain – your guests will be truly freaked out.

14. Skeleton Cheese Ball

Skeleton Cheese Ball
You’ll need two packets of cream cheese and a skeleton mold to make this eerie cheese ball.

15. Bad Children

Bad Children
Old dolls can be re-purposed to make this basket of bad children.

16. Creepy Eyes Wreath

Creepy Eyes Wreath
Ping pong balls and googly eyes make an awesome Halloween wreath.

17. Halloween Candy Jars

Halloween Candy Jars
Instructions Halloween Candy Jars

18. Creepy Baby

Creepy Baby

19. Broom Parking

Broom Parking

20. Boogey Man

Boogey Man

21. Lighted Jack Skellington Wreath

Lighted Jack Skellington Wreath

22. Cousin It

Cousin It
For Addams family fans you can make this cool cousin It from a tomato cage and grass skirts from the dollar store

23. Monster Eyes

Monster Eyes
Use plastic eyes with hot glue on a plant to recreate this idea.

24. Applesauce Pouches

Applesauce Pouches

25. Halloween Mystery Boxes

halloween hacks for kids

See the Printable on Etsy

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